Lorraine Franco is approved by the Ministry of Youth and Children’s Services to conduct Homestudies for prospective adoptive parents, for both International and Domestic adoption. She has conducted adoptions for both Relative and Non-Relative adoptions.

Lorraine works closely with agencies that are licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to place children for adoption.

She has helped applicants pursuing adoption from Ontario, (both Private and through Children’s Aid Society) and Internationally from countries such as: India, Philippines, China, United States, Ukraine, Trinidad, Jamaica, India, Haiti, Russia, Morocco, Nigeria, Guyana, and Ethiopia.

Other services include: birth parent counselling, post-placement supervisions, review of child proposals, infertility counselling, pre-adoption counselling and post-adoption counselling.

Homestudy – FAQs

What does the Homestudy Process involve?

The homestudy process is a combination of Adoption Preparation and Assessment. My role as an Adoption Practitioner is to provide you with education and information, and to facilitate an assessment. Through a series of interviews, you will be asked to examine your reasons for adopting and your strengths and skills in parenting.

The assessment involves both self-assessment as well as professional assessment to determine your eligibility, suitability and readiness to parent a child through adoption.

In addition to the questions that may be asked of you during the homestudy process, there are a number of supporting documents that need to be provided before the homestudy can be finished. This includes: personal and professional references, medical reports, police clearances, and child welfare record checks.

The homestudy is completed in the SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaulation) format.

How long does the Homestudy take?

The length of time varies; however, the entire homestudy process takes an average of 4- 6 months. It involves a series of interviews, with one interview in the client’s home. Adoptive applicants must also complete the mandatory PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information Development and Education) training before the homestudy process can be completed. PRIDE training is a 27-hour education course.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about the Homestudy process, or would like to book an appointment, please contact Lorraine Franco at (416) 418-2787